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    • Price Per User
      Users can include both customers and your members / coaches user types
    • Your Own Branded Member Portal
      Fully brandable, secure, login-protected portal for your clients to have their own dedicated space to interact with you and stay engaged
    • Digital Check Ins
      Get rid of that scruffy old paper pad that your members have to scribble in every time they attend the gym - you can either have them digitally sign in on a tablet you leave near the front of the gym, or they can log into the app and use their mobile phone to check in - with a few quick clicks!
    • Roster
      A simple, user-friendly rostering system so you can manage who is going to coach which classes, comps, open mats and more
    • Online Bookings - Private Lessons
      Centralise all private lesson scheduling so that there are no timing conflicts, and if you want to (optional) centralise all private lesson payments with an easy-to-use online booking system
    • Seminars & Events
      Organize, schedule and sell tickets for seminars, competitions and any types of events - allow your members to book their tickets and pay for them with a few quick clicks
    • Member CRM
      They are your members, but they are also your customers. So you should have a full featured Customer Relationship Management platform so you can track interactions, contact details, their progress, notes and tasks... everything you need to track and know about your members, in one place
    • Connect To Your Website
      Easily connect your Member Portal to your website - either by adding a link / button on your website, or contacting our support staff who can do it for you, at no cost!
    • Online Store
      A simple, easy to set-up and easier to use online store. No more drinks taken from the fridge with members forgetting to pay, no more manually chasing up payments for rashys, gis or other merchandise. Set it all up to be within your online Member Portal - with instant payment processing and automated follow up emails
    • Super Cool Timetable
      Sure, you have a timetable on your website. And if it's easy to update and looks great - keep using it. But The BJJ App also has a timetable that can be updated any time you want, can have images / videos attached to individual classes, and so much more...
    • Google Analytics
      Built-in Google Analytics integration to track and report on all Member Portal activity to measure and improve client engagement and Member Portal efficacy
    • Online Reputation Management
      Built-in online feedback, reviews & referrals features to capitalise on your existing clientele to help spread the digital WOM / Word Of Mouth
    • 2FA Security
      Multi-Factor Authentication to ensure your data and your customers' data remains secured via the latest technology - Google Authenticator integrated
    • Included Support
    • Bandwidth
      Upload and download bandwidth for File Sharing module
    • Total Users
      Number of users including both your team members and or your customers
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