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Everything you need to grow & run your BJJ gym… and it’s free!

Save time, save money & engage your members

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The no. 1 BJJ gym management software. Free.


club members, coaches, classes, payments, check-ins, timetable adjustments, merchandise sales & more


set up fees & subscription fees. The BJJ App is free for all BJJ gyms & clubs to use


member notes, member follow-ups, grading planner, class planner and more to track your members & grow your gym


set up fee for processing member payments. And just 1.9% to process direct debits – cheaper than most other payment processors!

Member Manager

Full CRM to track every member's progress, take notes about them, keep and update all of their contact details, set reminder tasks & more

Member Portal

Your members get their own private Member Portal - they can see their payment history, make payments when they're overdue, buy your merchandise, see your timetable, refer their friends / family, book private lessons & more

Interactive Timetable

Update, change, add to your Timetable whenever you want, quickly and easily


Process your member payments via direct debit or credit card, and let your members see their own payment history with a easy-to-use Member Portal. Built in payment reminders for missed payments

Marketing Tools

Built in system to encourage more member referrals, more member online reviews for happy members, and more 'social shares' to let your members drive online word of mouth about your gym / club


Track and manage your inventory, sell your merchandise (gi's, rashys, t-shirts or anything you want to sell) with a simple online store that is connected to the Member Portal

Built-In Email Marketing

Built-in email marketing tool - that also integrates with Mailchimp if that is your preferred provider - to keep all member communications in the one place

Coach Roster

Manage your coach roster so you know, and your coaches know, who is running what classes and who is taking what private lessons or attending what comps, and when

Why juggle spreadsheets or multiple tools?

Get everything you need in 1 place…for FREE!

Our easy-to-use software is designed to make your members feel like the VIPs that they are. Keep them engaged, track their progress, keep your gym growing

The all-in-one, free solution to manage & grow your BJJ gym

Member Manager

Every member has a profile you can edit, update, assign notes to, assign documents to, track their progress, track their gradings, plan their training, plan their competitions & more

Your Gym, Your Branding

Your logo, your color scheme and your name up in lights. Your Member Portal can match your brand… the way it should be

Interactive Class Timetable

A powerful, flexible timetable manager that you can add photos to, notes to, & media to for individual classes to keep your members informed and attract new members to relevant classes

Powerful Marketing Tools

Built in marketing tools include: Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Referrals, Online Reviews for happy members to spread the digital word about your gym & more…

Member Portal

Private, secure portal where they can see and manage their payment methods, pay any overdue membership fees, check-in when they come to the gym via the app on their phone, refer their friends & family & more

World’s #1 Payment Gateway

The secure online payment gateways are powered by Stripe – the #1 ranked, most secure payment gateway in the world. Manage membership subscriptions with automated payment reminders, merchandise sales, private lesson payments & more

Coaching Roster

Keep your coaches organized for classes, private lessons, seminars, competitions, gradings and anything else you need them (and yourself) organized for – everyone’s calendar is visible to you, and your coaches can see their own rosters & manage their availability

Class & Grading Planners

Plan your classes, plan your weeks, plan your gradings and more. Keep your members and your entire gym / club on track and progressing at the speed you set by planning out techniques for individuals & for whole classes

Online Store

Sell more merchandise, seminar tickets, private lessons and anything else that you want to with your own easy-to-use online store. Keep on top of sales, inventory & more

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Integrate with your favourite apps…

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Is the BJJ app really free?

You betya. It really is free for all BJJ gym or club owners, anywhere in the world. If you’re a legitimate BJJ gym or club, then we legitimately want to support you.

There are NO set up fees. There are NO subscription fees. NO hidden costs, at all, to use The BJJ App to manage and grow your BJJ gym / club. The only fees we do pass on – are payment processing fees that we are charged by our payment gateways (ie Stripe / Paypal), but you have to pay those or any direct debit / membership fee processing charges, whether you use The BJJ App or not.

And we cannot absorb those costs because… then we wouldn’t be a free service, we’d be a broke service!

But again – yes – The BJJ App really is free for you to use.

Are there any limits on members, coaches, classes etc?


We designed The BJJ App to have no limits for any of the following:

  • users / members
  • coaches
  • classes
  • private lessons
  • support tickets (from your members)
  • payments processed (eg membership fees or store purchases)
  • products on the built-in online store (eg seminar tickets, drinks, merchandise etc)

So no matter how big your gym is – or if you have multiple gyms then no matter how many gyms you own – we’ve tried to build a powerful, flexible BJJ gym management software that can scale up as you grow. No limits? No worries.

How does The BJJ App make money?

We have worked pretty hard (for some software designers who are, at heart, pretty lazy!) to build a product that does not cost you – gym and club owners / coaches / managers – anything.

But yes – we do still make money, in 2 key ways:

  1. the more you use The BJJ App, the more likely your students, friends, and training partners etc will get to know about our community app at – and on that app, we make a % from merchandise sales, from event ticket sales and from a few other areas – so the more gym owners use The BJJ App, the more traffic we get to the community app – so even though you don’t have to pay to use The BJJ App’s gym management software, any traffic you help send to our community app does still help us, and will help us to make revenue on that app
  2. we take a small cut of the payment gateway processing fees. But in most cases the total payment processing fee is still comparable to or sometimes cheaper than most direct debit / payment gateway services out there